BKSQ Public Art Program


Bakery Square is requesting qualifications from individual artists or artist collaboratives, to provide artwork incorporated onto the exterior façade of its freshly remodeled building at 6425 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15206. This project seeks an artist or group of artists who can work with the community of the Bakery Square/Larimer Consensus Group, in the Larimer neighborhood of Pittsburgh to design and install a dynamic and inspiring work of temporary art (6-12 months display) for this location. All types of artists and artworks are open to this opportunity, including, but not limited to painted murals, multimedia, light-based art, digital, façade-based sculpture, and any other that can be feasibly realized upon the façade of the building. A committee composed of BkSq staff, Larimer residents, and local art experts will choose an individual or team to contract for design and production of artwork in Early Spring, 2021.

Information Session Overview:

A selected artist(s) will have a budget ranging from $20,000 – $30,000 that includes design fees, travel, insurance, and all fabrication/installation/removal/permitting costs (as applicable).  

About Bakery Square

Bakery Square is a new mixed-use development located in the East End of Pittsburgh, built out of the existing site of the historic Nabisco Factory. Offering an exciting lifestyle center environment while hosting numerous free events to connect with its neighbors and guests. Bakery Square is home to Google, UPMC, Anthropologie, Free People, LA Fitness, Learning Express Toys, Jimmy Johns, Springhill Suites Marriott Hotel, Massage Heights, Social, University of Pittsburgh, Veteran Administration, CMU Software Engineering Institute and Panera Bread. Walnut Capital Group, owner and developer of Bakery Square, will work with its community partner, Larimer Consensus Group, and local arts experts to provide this opportunity to local artists from the Pittsburgh region to speak to residents and visitors from all over the globe.

The Call

Artists are invited to submit qualifications to develop a new work of temporary public art (6-12 months display) at Bakery Square

Bakery Square wishes to select an artist or artist team, based upon portfolio and experience, to design and install a new temporary artwork in dialogue with the Larimer community. The artwork will be expected to last up to 6-12 months, beginning in Spring 2021.

Once selected, artists will be asked to bring their sensibilities and creativity to design a work of art unique to this site through a residency with partners in the nearby Larimer community. The selected artist will structure this residency in partnership with Bakery Square staff/Larimer Consensus Group partners, and find inspiration and purpose from that shared experience which will then be used as a foundation for the art piece. Once the “research” portion of the project is done, the artist will be required to present his/her/their design for approval before production begins.  The final piece will be a work of original art that inspires inclusivity, and interactivity among visitors and  nearby residents. This project is open to all conceivable, feasible art types and artists, and would consider innovative methods of activation of the multiple windows of the building, along the designated façade.

A selected artist(s) will have a budget ranging from $20,000 – $30,000 that includes design fees, travel, insurance, and all fabrication/installation/removal/permitting costs. It is not expected that any permitting or review by local government is required for this opportunity, but permitting is listed here just in case an innovating artist exceeds our expectations! 

The Site

Located at Bakery Square’s remodeled building at 6425 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15206, this project will create artwork to reside upon the windows and/or across the exterior façade of the building that faces IN, toward the inner campus (NOT outwardly facing Penn Avenue). Note that much of the façade is made up of windows, and that these windows are the designated art locations. Priority of the display area will be given to the two outermost windows (Primary locations), each measuring 10’ wide, by 18’ high, but the two innermost windows (Secondary locations, circa 20’ wide x 18’ high, each), are optional, but may also be utilized if desired by the selected artist team. The budget is fixed, and set at $20,000 (for two Primary locations) and up to $30,000 (to include the Secondary windows in some way). The  Primary and Secondary locations will remain blacked out from the inside in any case, as they are “back of the house” of the interior restaurant. The Primary locations (windows) will NOT be transparent, but covered by artworks. As a result, these art locations will only be viewed from exterior vantage points. It is intended that artworks will provide their own attachment and substrate that will leave no harm to the extant building and window covering. However, all types of art are considered. Digital, painted mural, installation, multimedia artists, etc, will all be considered, and any such artwork installed may make use of substrates and other apparatus to cover windows in whole or in part, as long as these items are inclusive of the budget, and are removable without permanent harm to the building. Note: no interior space(s) are intended to be used or affected by prospective artwork. All artwork should be planned for the exterior install, in total (although digital/electronic art is acceptable–just needs to be weather-proof/outdoors). As such, the artwork must withstand the elements as it will be exposed to the air throughout the duration of the exhibit.  See images below. 


The budget range for this project is $20,000 – $30,000. The budget will include: an artist residency; all design fees; travel; models, renderings, and construction documents (as applicable); fees to outside consultants such as architects or engineers; the fabrication, transportation, and installation of the artwork; required insurance; and documentation of the final art installation. Additionally, there is an expectation to engage with the community of Larimer in an artist residency, as part of the design/dialogue process. This residency is not defined further—it will be upon the selected artist to work with Bakery Square staff and partners at the Larimer Consensus Group to design and implement this residency as part of the project (it can be as short, or as long in duration as feasible), and is meant to not only engage the local community’s (very) young residents, but also to inspire the artist in the design of the art at Bakery Square.  

Selection Process and Contracts

Morton Brown, consultant to Bakery Square, will facilitate artist selection, and oversee the design and installation process.  The process will occur in two stages.  During the first stage, all qualifications and proposals submitted through this application process will be reviewed by a selection committee that includes Bakery Square staff, Larimer Consensus Group members, and local public art experts.  A limited number of artists will be selected by the committee to be interviewed.

During the interview, artists will be asked to discuss past work, ability to work on a public art commission, and their interest in this project.  No proposals will be accepted. Selection will be based upon experience, portfolio, and potential for impact on the community.

The selected artist or artist team will enter into an agreement (provided by Bakery Square) with Bakery Square to cover design phase (including interactive period/residency with the community during the design phase of the project),  installation/production of actual artwork, removal of artwork, and licensing/usage of the artwork and its image. 

NOTE: All artists and/or persons involved in onsite fabrication and/or installation will be required to provide General Liability Insurance while onsite/during installation. Insurance will only be required during onsite installation, and therefore can be procured and provided once design is completed, and prior to installation. Artwork is to be safe and in good repair for a duration of up to approximately 6-12 months (potentially removed in Fall, 2021). Artwork will be removed by the artist and/or their contractors/coordinated with Bakery Square staff. Artwork will remain the property of the artist after removal, absent any subsequent agreement with Bakery Square to extend or take possession thereof, post-display.

Approximate Project Timeline (subject to change)

RFQ Distributed –  1/07/2021

Information Session – 1/21/2021

RFQ Deadline – 2/08/2020 

Selection Committee Review of Applicants – mid February, 2021

Artist(s) are notified – late February, 2021

Artist under contract for design/build – March, 2021

Artist and community interaction/workshops, etc. – March-April, 2021

Design for artwork is completed – April, 2021

Fabrication/Installation/Painting of artwork – May-June, 2021 

Selection Criteria

This RFQ  is open to all artists who have the vision and skills required to produce a work of public art. Individual artists, artist teams, and teams that include individuals working in multiple fields, are eligible to apply. Local artists, and persons identifying as black, indigenous, and people of color are strongly encouraged to apply. There is no fee associated with applying (a free Submittable account is required to submit application).

The selection committee will take into consideration an artist’s past work, experience working in the public realm, and potential for impact on the community/site.

Application Submission Process:

This application requires that artists submit examples of their work in digital format through a submission portal hosted by Submittable. If you do not have an account with submittable you will need to create one (it’s free). All image types must be JPG only, and video must be .avi or .mp4.  

Materials can be submitted by following this link.

Please submit the following materials for all applications (easy, prompted uploads on Submittable form): 


  1. Cover letter: A letter describing why you are interested in working on this project.   This letter can include your Artist Statement, if desired to include. Note: Artist teams should submit a statement for each artist, plus a statement of how the artists will collaborate on this project.
  2. Images of portfolio: Up to 10 images and/or videos of your past work.  Images should be in JPG format, no larger than 5’’ x 7’’ and up to 200 dpi (no larger than 1mb each).   You may include links to third party video hosting websites such as Youtube or Vimeo. Artist teams may submit a combined total of up to 10 work samples total, not 10 work samples for each artist. Please provide the following for each image or video submitted: title, dimensions, materials, year created, and, if a public work, location and budget.
  3. CV or Resume: A copy of your cv/resume, up to three pages.  Artist teams should submit one resume per artist.


Submissions must be received by 2/08/2021 11:59pm, EST, through the Submittable online application system only.


This opportunity is open to all working artists, 18 years and older, and residing upon the planet Earth. However–local artists, and artists identifying as black, indigenous, and people of color are strongly encouraged to apply.

Information Session/Questions

An information session for artists who are interested in submitting materials will be held on Thursday, January 21, 2021 from 6:00 pm via Zoom.  The purpose of the information session is to review the project and the submission guidelines, and to respond to artist’s questions.  Attendance is not mandatory.  RSVP is requested, but not required. Please email bromorton@gmail.com to RSVP and/or to ask questions regarding anything to do with the session or project.

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