You may have noticed the beautiful installation between Bakery Office Two and Three that extends “Sally’s Path”, our bike path to Shadyside. But who was Sally? Simply put: Sally Sally Perelman Lehman was a very special lady – her path to life was to do so with passion and LOTS of style! She was the amazing mother to Walnut Capital’s founder and CEO, Gregg Perelman.

Sally lived a fascinating life beginning with a long journey from Russia to the United States with her mother and eight siblings. She grew up in Braddock and lived a penniless lifestyle through childhood and her teenage years overcoming many moves and uncomfortable living conditions. She graduated from Swissvale High School and continued her education obtaining a degree in Business and Secretarial Studies from Duff’s Iron City College in Downtown Pittsburgh. She moved from job to job and with her love of music and singing, booked some gigs on the side. She met her husband, David, on a summer trip in Atlantic City and the rest is history!

David and Sally married and after a long wait because of David’s enrollment in the army, eventually started a family in Pittsburgh. Arlene, Brad, and Gregg came along and lived in a tiny two-bedroom house with very little money. David hopped from job to job at plenty of Pharmacy’s, but eventually landed at Walnut Pharmacy on, you guessed it, Walnut Street in Shadyside. He worked day and night in the pharmacy, but enjoyed being involved in commercial activity on Walnut Street, became the first president of the Shadyside Chamber of Commerce and was instrumental with major improvements on Walnut Street. Sally and David had dreamed of owning their own pharmacy and in 1958 became the proud owners of Stadtlanders Pharmacy in Penn Hills.

They moved their family to Churchill and began setting Statlanders apart from typical Pharmacy stores by offering outstanding service and quality. Because of this, the store received a tremendous amount of publicity and became the most well-known in the area. Gregg began collaborating with his father on developing computer programs related to pharmacy management and slowly branched into mail-order pharmaceuticals.

In 1985, David suffered a severe heart attack and passed away at the age of 64. The family and community was completely devastated by this loss but Gregg continued to run the drug store and the business continued growing into a mail-order purveyor of maintenance pharmaceuticals. The pharmacy became a major player in the specialized medication delivery business and developed the expertise to mail products all over the country to patients who needed medications on a regular basis. It carved a huge niche for itself by providing nationwide mail-order delivery of medicine, insurance billing and some social services for organ transplant recipients and for people diagnosed with HIV, AIDS, cancer and infertility. Gregg’s leadership took Stadtlanders to new levels, hiring hundreds of employees, improving tracking records for deliveries, and providing the best possible service and care for their patients. After years of hard work and stress, the family decided to sell Stadlanders to an investment company.

Shortly after, Sally met a friend-of-a-friend, Fred Lehman and after dating for three years, wed in 1989. Sally and Fred enjoyed lovely homes in on Fifth Avenue in Shadyside and Boca Raton, Florida and took pleasure in traveling all over the world. Fred and Sally’s love blossomed and their family began growing with grand children and great grand children. Sally cherished all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren and enjoyed spending as much time with them as possible. Sally lived a long, rewarding life and will be remembered for her vivacity and strength of spirit, and the passion she brought to all that life had to offer her.

We hope that you enjoy Sally’s Path and take in all of its beauty – just as much as she would have!

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