Black-owned startup NeoHealth represents Pittsburgh in Grow with Google

NeoHealth was started in 2018 by founder Derrell Chapman to solve the problem of counterfeit drugs at pharmacies in Nigeria.

“NeoHealth is a software and technology company that aims to reduce the number of counterfeit drugs through the use of innovative software and technology on a global scale. Our passion in finding innovative ways to use technology in order to help people use better lies is the basis our company. The solutions we create allow people to live healthier lives while enabling health care professionals to provide seamless care.” (

The technology includes an inventory tracker, patient database, and point of sales system, all of which don’t require internet access to ensure it’s accessible for low-resource and developing countries.

Once starting this initiative, Chapman realized that the problem went beyond counterfeit drugs and that the pharmaceutical infrastructure as a whole was flawed.

NeoHealth noticed an increase in demand for its software when the COVID-19 pandemic hit due to an inundation of patients. Yet, the COVID-19 pandemic prevented the NeoHealth team to travel for site surveys and meetings. NeoHealth partnered with Grow with Google to carry this out virtually.

Chapman is one of hundreds of Black small business owners in the United States to partake in the Grow With Google Digital Coaches program, which offers free digital workshops.

On February 25th, Chapman will represent Pittsburgh at a national virtual meetup of 500+ Black and Latinx business owners and entrepreneurs from the Digital Coaches Program. The virtual event will include panel discussions, networking, and workshops to celebrate Black History Month.

Sources: Pittsburgh Business Times | NeoHealth

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