Sustainability - Bakery Square


LEED Platinum US Green Building CouncilReinventing an abandoned brownfield comes with many challenges, not least among them environmental concerns. Before remediation, the property contained hazards including PCBs, underground storage tanks, asbestos, and lead-based paint. The RIDC contributed $335,000 towards the site cleanup, and a grant from the Department of Environmental Protection of $1,000,000 helped too. Contamination on the site has been completely cleaned up according to state regulations. In addition, creative Tax Incremental Financing helped fund infrastructure improvement including street widening and traffic light installation. But clean up was only the beginning.

More than Clean. VERY Green!

Bakery Square has received Platinum LEED certification, the highest possible level. Attributes include:

  • Preservation of over 90% of the pre-existing walls, floors, and roof in the adaptive re-use of an historic building
  • Multiple transit line and pedestrian access to surrounding residential areas and services
  • On-site 75kW solar array, facilitated by a Pennsylvania Energy Harvest grant
  • Superior indoor air quality via low-emitting finishes and high efficiency air filters
  • Preferred parking for low-emitting/fuel efficient vehicles, and provisions for bicycle commuters and visitors
  • 29.4% annual energy cost savings over baseline code requirements
  • 99% construction waste diversion (by weight)
  • 13.4% recycled content (of total building material value)
  • 24.2% regional materials (of total building material value)
  • 56% FSC Certified Wood (of total new wood material value)
  • 45% water efficiency (by volume)
  • 83.9% of regularly occupied spaces with daylighting
  • 100% of regularly occupied spaces with exterior view